Student Contest – Prime Minister's Spelling Bee
Try The Bee Instructions

Welcome to the Prime Minister's Spelling Bee!
Let us show you around and how to play before you begin.

When you start, you will first see a page like this.

You will need to click "Listen" to start the audio for the word and show the text for the sentence.

You will hear the word first, followed by the word used in a sentence, and then the word repeated again.

The sentence will also be shown on the screen.

Once the audio has finished you will see the timer start to countdown at the top of the screen. This gives you 25 seconds to type the word.

You can click on the "Listen again" button with the speaker icon to hear each word again during the countdown.

You can also use the hint button with the lightbulb here, which will show the word definition, word origin, part of speech, and if it's a homophone. Only use the hint if you really need it as it will take up time.

Once the audio has finished the first time, type your answer in the box below, and click "Next word" or click the "Enter" button on your keyboard to finish and take you to the next word

For each word you finish, the timeline will move closer to the finish line!

You MUST attempt every word.

Upper case and lower case letters are both accepted. Do not use emojis, special characters or punctuation, such as full stops or commas, in your answers as this will register as an error.

You will have 25 seconds for each word. Don’t worry if you get stuck on a difficult word, just try your best!

A selection of words from all reading levels are included in Try the Bee so younger students may struggle with some practice words.